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VA Linux Announces Customer Satisfaction Survey FY2020 Results.

August 5, 2021
VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.

【Satisfaction with the service (consultation, contracted development, lesion analysis and support)】

The result shows 90% of our customers are satisfied or slightly satisfied by our service (VAQuest and development). While the last fiscal year saw 100% were satisfied, this year sees that 10% of “neutral” hindered it.

【Review and comments about the quality】

Below are some comments from our customers.

  • The capability of technologies is greatly satisfying. I expect you to enhance “proactive offering” like how to approach decision making in regard to technologies.
  • The materials like reports will be better with high volume of detailed information on the methods.
  • A specialist whose capacity of technologies and implementation allows us to talk in detail helped us achieve an outcome, which encouraged us to continue to use the service.
  • I expect you to enhance the proactive offering, including information for decision making, ideas of methods, recommendation for approach and ideas of evaluation, and documentation (improvement of materials as deliverable).

【Our efforts on improvement】

Below are some of our efforts to improve our service to satisfy customers and live up to their expectations.

  • Supported OSS types (Service)
    Containerd and runc, which are ones of the OSS requested for support, are now supported. As for Podman, Buildah, Skopeo, Istio and envoy, we are now developing the capacity. Please contact us if any.
    When you request us to support or consider an OSS technology, we begin to develop our know-how to add it to our list with foundation of our basic technologies and pursuit of new effective technologies; please contact us individually about an OSS technology which is not supported now.

  • Subject for seminars and lectures
    We can offer a lecture or seminar on a new distribution like CentOS 8 Stream; feel free to contact us. Other subjects requested will be discussed in information exchange.
    We are keeping on reviewing the contents of a lecture and seminar for it to be in line with the interest of audience; please contact us if you have something you are interested in.

  • Capability of offering
    The result of the survey shows that we should improve our capability of offering and have two challenges:
    1. Proactive offering of technologies and approaches for customers
    2. Clear-cut materials with figures and explanation of technologies
    As for the former, we are going to keep on actively learning technology information and enhancing the capability of our specialists. At the same time, we are honing judgement about whether a piece of information is useful for customers, offering an OSS and learning new areas of technologies and offering. We actively talk about cases with you to deepen our knowledge for better offering.
    As for the latter, we will make our materials and documents stepping into our customer’s shoes.

■ About VA Linux System Japan K.K.
VA Linux System Japan K.K. (hereinafter referred to as "VA Linux") is a company that provides technical consulting, entrusted development, integration and software solutions for OS in all areas and OSS used in a wide range of business fields, based on the advanced technological skills and experience.
Founded in September 2000, VA Linux has been growing as a core company leading the Linux and open-source industry based on the Linux kernel and the world-class level of technological capabilities related to virtualization and playing a leading role for promoting open-source solutions as a SCSK corporate group. For more information, please visit https://www.valinux.co.jp/.
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