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Linux/OSS Professional Services

VA Linux is a company of open source experts who keep on working toward the growth of open source technologies. Besides being Linux kernel experts, many of VA Linux's developers have been taking a lead role in OpenStack, KVM, Xen and Open vSwitch projects. This knowledge, along with our detailed understanding of issues from the source code level up, allows us to respond to our client's advanced and specialized needs.

Failure Analysis and Support Services:VAQuest

VAQuest offers failure analysis solutions for mission-critical systems using open source software in complex IT client/server environments from the code-level with crash dump analysis, failure analysis, proposal to avoid failures and providing correct patches.


・Failure Analysis

Kernel analysis at the source code level in response to kernel-related system crashes and system hangs. Likewise, we can offer our expertise in determining whether problems exist with the kernel itself or with applications. We also provide various methods to correct or avoid future occurrences for many open source software such as KVM and Xen.

・Performance and Functional Analysis

Open source software such as KVM, Xen, CloudStack and OpenStack analysis designed to identify performance bottlenecks and to improve system performance.

・Key Infrastructure Elements Analysis

We examine issues, clarify problems, suggest points of improvement and support the roll-out of virtualization and cloud computing technology.

・Technical Training

Technical and industry trend analysis of open source software including Linux kernel, virtualization and cloud computing.

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Entrusted Development Service

We support to design and development for mission-critical systems, cloud computing infrastructures and server/network virtualization with functional improvement, tuning and OSS architecture/missing functions development.


・Linux Kernel

Develop individually tailored functions not found in the pre-existing Linux kernel and also modify the kernel to work with specialized systems.


We can support the system development by applying open source software for virtualization such as KVM and Xen to operate large-scale and/or specialized high-end enterprise systems.

・Cloud Computing

We are contributing to develop OpenStack architecture as a member of the OpenStack project. Particularly, we are the sixth most contributive company in the world about "Quantum" (as of April 2012). Our expertise allows us to support building cloud computing infrastructure by maximizing the flexibility of OSS technologies.

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Consulting Service

We provide instructive proposals, research, analysis, verification and evaluation reports to build system infrastructure with open source software. VA Linux strives to help support our clients when it comes to sorting out the many issues involved in employing Linux kernel and the other open source software so that it will meet specific system- and product-needs. We are also dedicated to continuously working to help clients clearly understand areas where/how their system can be improved.

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Open Source

Our professional services will be available to support a wide range of open source technologies.

  • OS


    (CentOS, Red Hat,
    Ubuntu, Scientific Linux)
  • Container



  • Cloud


  • Virtualization

    KVM, Xen,
    QEMU, libvirt

  • Network
    Open vSwitch, DPDK,
    eBPF, Ryu, Calico
  • Storage
    Ceph, Global File System
  • Configuration
    Ansible, Cef
  • Virtualization
  • Web Searver
    Apache HTTP Server
  • Proxy
    Squid cache
  • Remote
  • HA
  • DNS Server
  • Other
    OpenLDAP, Postfix

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