Our Vision

Corporate Philosophy

Philosophy of Doing Business

  • VA Linux, a company built on developers and engineers whose motto is "conscientiousness."

    Our business is based on the superior technical skills of our employees and we recognize that it is important to be "conscientiousness" in order to deliver optimized solutions to our clients.

  • Support from the Source Code Level

    Backed by the technical skills and expertise in all areas of software development of each of our employees, VA Linux provides source code level support and assurance for all of its products and services.

  • Thriving in Global Markets with Technical Expertise

    VA Linux is developing a business with its roots in the Japanese market, while at the same time, the company strives to build up technical expertise that will provide value in global markets as well. We are very proud that we can offer this unique value to our clientele.

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Corporate Principle

  • Respect and Trust Each and Every Employee

    We believe that respecting and trusting the employees is extremely important to making the best commercial use of the unique skills that each employee brings to VA Linux. Therefore, we have fostered a corporate culture that respects the individuality of the employees and accepts their many diverse facets.

  • Emphasis on a High Level of Individual Contribution and Results

    Starting from the perspective that all employees want to do good and creative work, VA Linux strives to provide an environment that each employee can work efficiently. At the same time, VA Linux expects its employees to contribute to the success of the business at the highest levels. We value this Win-Win relationship between VA Linux and employees.

  • Encouraging Flexibility and Innovation

    In order to promote the continuous growth of business at VA Linux, we make it a point to have each of our employees produce highly innovative and creative work. We also aim to continue encouraging the flexibility needed to be able to develop the next generation of business promptly.

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