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VA Linux Announces Customer Satisfaction Survey FY2021 Results.

September 20, 2022
VA Linux Systems Japan K.K.

【General review】

100% of our customers are “satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied”, the same as the previous year.

【Satisfaction with the service (development, OSS support services)】

The result shows 93% of our customers are satisfied or somewhat satisfied by our service.

【Service quality evaluation】

  • Many items were rated higher than in the previous year, with 0% dissatisfaction in all categories.
  • The "price" saw a 0% dissatisfaction rate for the first time since the survey began, and satisfaction improved by 33% from the previous year.
  • Satisfaction with "capability of offering”, which has been an issue every year, improved by 10% from the previous year.

【Review and comments about the quality】

Below are some comments from our customers.

  • We appreciate your capabilities of advanced technology and problem-solving.
  • Thank you for your highly skilled support and hope you will continue to support us.
  • Thank you for your meticulous attention to detail. We would be happy to continue to have a frank discussion with you.

【Our efforts on improvement】

Below are some of our efforts to improve our service to satisfy customers and live up to their expectations.

Supported OSS types (Service)

  • O-RAN SC and Open Air Interface
    We will work with these technologies in mind and conduct the necessary research to accumulate in-depth knowledge and apply it to the development projects.
  • Istio and Spring Boot
    We offer as available supports about technologies which are not included in the “Supported OSS” as possible, so please contact us for the detail.

■ About VA Linux System Japan K.K.
VA Linux System Japan K.K. (hereinafter referred to as "VA Linux") is a company that provides technical consulting, entrusted development, integration and software solutions for OS in all areas and OSS used in a wide range of business fields, based on the advanced technological skills and experience.
Founded in September 2000, VA Linux has been growing as a core company leading the Linux and open-source industry based on the Linux kernel and the world-class level of technological capabilities related to virtualization and playing a leading role for promoting open-source solutions as a SCSK corporate group. For more information, please visit https://www.valinux.co.jp/.
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